Chillipeeps Re-usable Teat Review including Vlog

Ever been out and about… and your all out of fresh bottles & your little one is in need of a little drink. Or has your little prince and princess caught a case of the hiccups and you want to give them some water to drink to get rid of it… Look no further…

The Chillipeeps Teat has been invented:

This multi award winning design is brilliant. I carried it around in Hayden’s baby bag for a few weeks and sure thing I needed to use it. Hayden tends to get hiccups often and one day while out and about I only had two bottles with me for his milk formula. And sure enough little man got a bad case of the hiccups.

I don’t go anywhere without having some bottled water so I can give him some water if need be. Last week Hayden had mastered drinking from a sippy cup… I wasn’t sure about giving him the water straight from the bottle but then I remembered I had the re-usable multipurpose teat.

So out it came and I attached it to the bottle of water.

And away he drank and his hiccups were cleared in no time. No more Hiccups and a Happy baby.

I was so glad to have this product in my bag with me. It comes in its own container and its pretty compact.

When taken apart
There is also an option to screw it onto the already made milk in the cartons. Unfortunately Hayden is on a special formula and there is no already made option. So we didn’t get to test that bit out.

The teat also comes with a variable flow of 1, 2 & 3 depending on how the bottle is place in the mouth we found that number 2 works best for Hayden. It is illustrated on the teat to help you choose.
I 100% support breastfeeding and I believe breast is best but when you are no longer breastfeeding or don’t have the option to do so, then bottle feeding it is and you shouldn’t leave home without one of these.

Chillipeeps re-usable multi-purpose teat is available to buy at for a brilliant price of £5.99
With it being compatible with bottles such as Evian and Volvic & carton formula I absolutely think its a brilliant price and worth getting.

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review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my

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  1. Great review! Seems like a very handy product to get.

  2. Good to know for the future! 🙂

    Excited about co-hosting the blog hop with you tomorrow!

  3. love the idea of the mutli purpose teat! I’m going to buy some of these as stocking fillers for friends and family with little ones!

  4. Thanks for the review