Mini Hayden Haul – Smyths & Tesco

We went on a little spreeeeeee!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night… (I think I covered all corners of the earth) Oh an Nanu Nanu to the E.Ts

We went on a little shopping spree earlier on in the week & I picked up a few bits and pieces for Hayden from Smyths Toys & Tescos.

Sophie La Girafe

Sophie is BACK YAY… We missed her. As some of you might know we purchased our first Sophie and that was from Amazon. Call it a mothers instinct but I had a strange feeling that Sophie wasn’t legit …

 1. Here Brown spots were fading
2. There were dents in here like bits were falling off
3. Her Black eyes were turning White
4. Her squeak sounded really low
5. The packaging looked NOTHING like the one above
Now bare in mind we had her for less then 2 weeks & I started noticing all these things. 

But I couldn’t bare to think that the product could be doing more harm then good to my son so sent it back.
We were all sad to see Sophie go to say the least… She was like part of the family. But she is now back and we love her even more because she is legit LOL she is the best teether around, super cute and fun.

Tommee Tippee – Tip It Up Cup

Hayden will be turning 5 Months old on Tuesday 10th September Eeeek & we have started weaning him onto solids. So we though it was only right we get him into the habbit of having a sip of water druing/after eating & its going pretty well so far. He has got the hang of holding the cup by himself and drinking away. The Tip It Up Cup comes with a lid, Interchangeable handles & Super soft silicone dura-spout (perfect for my teething little one)

I am such a proud mummy when it comes to this little fella… He is growing so fast. Proper little independent guy.

Buy Here

AVENT – Milk Powder Dispenser

This is a brilliant product, add measured milk powder to the dispenser and away you go. Now that I am no longer breastfeeding I am feeding Hayden about 5 times in the day & twice during the night. He takes between 4/5oz and this little container is brilliant for when we are out and about and also for night feeds. Carrying a tin around we me would just be so long to do – So whoever invented this I sulut you.

Simply add the amount of scoups the the 3 compartments. Make sure the main lid is closed and the smaller dispenser lip is closed and you’re good to go. 3 compartment for 3 feeds.

ClevaMama – ClevaFeed

This is Hayden favorite at the moment, he loves eating his fruit from it. Simply take off the lid, open up the feeding compartment. Stuff in the soft fruit (Banana, Peach, Strawberry) Close the compartment hand it to baby and watch them chop away… getting little bits of fruit and juices. Its as simple as that. The Silicone Teat that they eat the fruit from is so soft and perfect for teething gums also. This product is recommended for 6m+ Hayden is never out of my sight went using this product.

Bright Starts – Chill & Teethe

How pretty right… Saw these and couldn’t resist. I have to admit Hayden hardly uses these but on hotter days like today and yesterday if we are out in the garden these would come out of the fridge (they are filled with water) and he would be playing with them & as you know I’m sure everything goes in their mouths so they do help. The red & green is perfect for when we are out and about because they attach to the sting clips I made – DIY String Clips coming soon.

Lotte xo 
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  1. I love the Vlog. The baby in the stroller is so cute, and the accent makes me want to take a holiday. 🙂

  2. ooohh no shame it was a fake sophie. Ours is still going strong thank god. The squeak does get on my nerves though! I love the fruit teether feeder thingy I bought one a few weeks ago cannot praise it enough.

  3. Ok, first off…youre such a pretty mama, your baby is so adorable, and i love your accent 😉
    Secondly, thanks for these reviews. Sophie is a lifesaver in our house, and I’ve been trying to figure out sippy cups for my little girl. Will have to check out Tommy Tippy and that milk dispenser too!

  4. You will love Sophie. Thanks for hosting!