Hayden at 17 Weeks Old

Here mummy, don’t want it any more

What an amazing little fella I have… He is such a star his 17 weeks started the day after he attened the Hospital for his allergic reaction *See Post Here*

And my little Caterpillar was back to normal bless him.

 Off to the clinic to get his injection (4 months old today YAY) with me and my mum. He did so well he cried but got loads of cuddles and kissed from me. We sang the wheels on the bus super loud too so that made him happy… don’t think the nurse was best please but *shrugs*

We started recording a vlog but the camera isn’t working properly… Really need to invest in a new one so we can start making videos again & you guys can see my beautiful boy.
My baby’s loosing a lot of hair =[

Enjoying the morning sunshine before our shopping trip to the bride shop in romford & to buy his outfit for the wedding. Hayden loves the garden. I think he loves being out doors full stop.

Lotte xo 
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  1. When was Hayden born…I’ll probably blog stalk and just find out. It looks like he is about a week older than Lilly. Hope we can stay in touch. It’d be fun to see them grow.