Hayden at 16 Weeks Old

Nearly 4 months old
 We have finally found a dummy that Hayden likes… We tried Tommee Tippee & MAM but he always gagged on them. I cant remember the brand of these dummies but I will update soon – Once we go back to the shop.

Its come to my attention this my little fella doesn’t care much for shopping as soon as we’re out the car and he’s being pushed around in his buggy I get a few smiled them he nodds off – Unbelievable lol

Gosh… I remember the days when he would only do tummy time for about 20 seconds at the max… Now he loves it. As long as he has his friends ‘his toys’ near by he doesn’t have a care in the world and will spend ages chatting away to them

Once he has finishes tummy time he then sits in his char to watch TV & play with his ‘friends’
 Daddy given Hayden cuddles as he was rushed to A&E for having an allergic reaction
A&E Visit – Allergic Reaction Post Coming Soon
Lotte xo 
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  1. Wow, he’s growing so fast!!

  2. Just stopping by to return the follow. Your son is a cutie!


  3. Hayden is a doll! My daughter (7 months) still HATES tummy time. I don’t think she’ll be crawling anytime soon. I’m glad your little one enjoys it now!

  4. He’s such a doll! And I love his name!!

    New GFC follower from the Find & Follow Hop! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. He is getting so big so fast! My daughter never would take a pacifier, I tried like every single kind ever made.

    I hope the allergic reaction wasn’t serious and he’s ok!!!!

    Btw I passed a blog award onto you, go here if you want to accept it. 🙂