Wireless Festival 2012

Me & the Mr attended Wireless festival on Sat 7th July 2012. It was my first ever festival … I don’t do great with crowds or large groups of people I get really self conscious.
This was our first proper outing together other then a few trips to the cinema, since giving birth to Hayden 10/04/2012

Our day was suppose to run like this
-Wake up early
-Get dressed
-Drop Hayden off to Mr’s mums house
-Get to central London
-Have breakfast
-Attend the festival (for the whole day)
-Pick Hayden up late night
-Come home
-Konk out

How the day actually happened:
– Woke up late as had a rough night with Hayden
– Which then made everything else fall behind
– Drove to Mr’s mums & dropped Hayden off

– Got to the train station and realised Mr didn’t have his wallet (not too much of big deal)

– As we exited the station (Hyde Park) it started spitting & as soon as we walked into the park the heavens opened & it started raining Cats & Dogs!
– It was safe to say I was sooooo glad I had my wellies on & we had a huge umbrella
– Mr wore WHITE Vans which turned brown

– We got through security & entered the HUGE area that was WIRELESS

– We had something to eat… Pretty nice hot dogs then headed over to watch the first act

-Rita Ora
Followed by …
– Tulisa
– D Banj
– Professer Green
– Wizz Kalefa

A new (breastfeeding) mother guide to a festival

Now this is where it all went downhill…

I haven’t started working out & I don’t really do as much walking as I used to do… You could say I’m pretty much lazy! But, hey that’s another story.
My legs are not as strong as they use to be & maybe even the effect of the epidural I had during the labour of Hayden 11 week earlier could have still had an effect but my legs were killing me… To the point where I was actually leaning on my fella while watching Wizz K perform. Him performing was somewhat of a distraction though but not enough to stop the pain. I didn’t carry any pain killer with me either so there was no way of stopping the pain other then sitting down. 
The seating was nowhere near the main stage unless you were some kind of VIP (which we weren’t we were on standard tickets) So there wasn’t a ways for me to get comfortable.
On top of that was my boobies – I’m still breastfeeding so I made sure I pumped as much milk as possible for Hayden while he was at his Grans & fed him just before we left. But as the clock ticked & the hours went on my milk supply increased. Which meant harder, heavier & very sore boobs.
It got to the stage where I was engorged so much that I though I was going to explode. 
I had to seriously call it a day & we headed home.

In all I though the day was pretty good & a great experience, especially since it was my first festival. Looking forward to next year … Hayden will be a year & a few months old so I will no longer be breastfeeding. I will defo have to look into festival must haves for next time … Pain killers will be one the top of my list.

Lotte xo 
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  1. Hi Charlotte! Thanks so much for linking up to my NO RULES Blog Party!! I’m now your newest GFC follower 🙂


  2. Well that sounds like a lot of fun, except for the pain!! Oh the woes of breastfeeding, I remember when I would be at class and my milk would start leaking. So embarrassing!