Hayden at 14 Weeks Old

A pretty cool week

 A 14 weeks my little munchkin has become very rude… I have no idea where he has gotten it from…
He tends to sit down in his bouncer & stare at me. I say to him “Didn’t your mother ever tell you its rude to stare?” He then chuckles his little head off – Bless him

He even had a big full on argument with his duck quack quack … I think he was upset because he was too far away & he couldn’t grab him

This week we went to his very first ‘Baby Shower’ hosted by my mums hairdresser who is also one of my God Mothers BFFs and we tend to see her ofter as my God Mother is getting married and Tammy (hairdresser) is her right hand lady.

Hayden with my God Mother
Hayden with Tammy

 I decided to dress up & make myself somewhat presentable so i could snap a pic with my boy.

This day we went out shopping & to do some bits & pieces… My baby boy surprised both me & my mum by holding and drinking his bottle all by himself… It was such a hot day we took some water with us while we were out and about & he loved it.

Lotte xo 
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  2. Your little guy is so adorable!! Just found your blog from over at the blog hop =D