Hayden at 13 Weeks Old

Another Week A Lot Smarter

Words can not describe how much this little boy means to me… When daddy goes to work Hayden joins me in bed and I get to look at his cute little face – How lucky am I?

This week we went to go and sort out Hayden’s Passport! We needed a countersignature so we went to the GP to get it done

Went to hand over the passport form
Collecting the form with Sophie

 I had to show this photo… He was pooping but looking off into space!
I thought it was so funny

Lotte xo 
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  1. I love that pic of him smiling! SO cute!

    And same here, when daddy goes to work, Andy joins me in bed and takes over daddy’s side! Sometimes he leaves daddy a little treat… like spit up or slobber. LOL

    Hi! I’m your newest follower from the blog hop!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  2. He is beyond cute. I found you through Crazy Mama’s fun blog hop. I linked in a post about my travel bucket list. Have a super week.

  3. He is sooo darling!!!

    P.S.I just loved your cute little blog and wanted to nominate you & present you with the Liebster award!!

    I added you to a list of 11 other wonderful bloggers I’ve come across that I really like, here:


  4. I had to laugh at the last picture, not because of the photo but because of what you said. One day, little Hayden is going to say, “Really Mom, you told the whole world wide web I was popping?” I’m sure you’ll get some big thank yous for that one. lol

    Your little guy is really a sweetheart. We appreciate you linking up with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me, and we’d love it if you’d dance with us and follow the few guidelines posted. Have an excellent week! ^.^

  5. He is so sweet! Totally giving me baby fever, I can’t wait to hold a tiny baby again!! Lol they make the funniest pooping faces, don’t they?