Part 5 My Labour Tuesday 10th April 2012

Tuesday 10th April 2012

By the early hours of the morning after having a little nap, sipping on water & someone force feeding me a chicken & salad sandwich the pethidine started wearing off… & it felt like the pain was 100times worse. I was in a lot of pain again… When would it end? I remember telling my mum… I want an epidural ASAP PLEASE!!

I remember the anaesthetist came in gave me the pep talk & told me no matter what I shouldn’t move. So I sat at the end of the bed, midwife in front of me and slightly hunched over – She said don’t move… I moved she said don’t move… I said I’m trying – She said TRY harder…. so I took two deep breaths & she began – I cant lie I was SCARED! but it took less then a min & I didn’t even feel a thing.

I guess it took 4 hours to wear off on my right side because the contractions were back, & they were back with revenge. They were coming in waves of heat and pain… I tried for as long as possible to hold off on getting more meds. I rubbed my right side with force hoping it would help. It did for a while but as the meds wore off the pain was more intense.

The midwife wanted to check me again to see where I was at. Her & the Dr was hoping by now I would be at 7cm, we all were hoping this. If I was at 7cm then they wouldn’t need to start the induction IV. But that wasn’t the case.

So all this time little man was ready to come out… It was his mummy’s body that wasn’t letting him. My contractions were strong. But not strong enough to dilate my cervix. They had no choice but to start the induction or they would have to give me a C-Section.

I had to have the top up because the induction meds make the contacts REALLY strong & they knew I would be able to handle it. Gosh… Talk about drama!! Throughout the whole of my experience my midwife was amazing, kind, caring, loving & explained everything to me.

I manged to get some more sleep after the 2nd lot of meds… during my sleep I was woken up with the handover & realised I was getting a new midwife … I was actually really upset about that. The new midwife looked stoosh & not friendly. I remember looking at my mum & thinking arrgghhh!!

I kept dosing in and out of sleep. I think I was worn out & completely drugged up. I got woken up a final time when I realised the pain on my right side was coming back AGAIN! I asked my mum is they were shitting me .. could this really happen twice. They gave me the Gas & Air again so I was really drowsy. About 30mins after that I remember hearing the midwife continuously fixing the CTG monitor because they kept loosing Hayden’s Heartbeat… I could hear everything that was going on I just didn’t have the energy to do anything.

There was a dilemma
Midwife: Press that button
Student Midwife: This one
Midwife: The red one
Student Midwife: The emergency button
Midwife YES!

About 10 seconds later about 5 other health care professionals were in the room. My midwife was advised to attach a monitor to Hayden head to monitor his heartbeat because they kept loosing it on the CTG machine. I can honestly tell you I cant even remember her doing it. All the pain & drama had me in a daze.

The midwife decided she wanted to check me to see where I was at again… At this point I could feel every contraction and breathing hardcore on the Gas & Air and biting so hard on the mouthpiece to stop me from screaming.

She looked at me & said this is it… you are ready!

My fella was sleeping he had only got about 10mins, bless his little heart – Got woken up by the midwife saying “Its time”

Keep an eye out for the final part, the delivery … Coming shortly!

Lotte xo 
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