Is Breast Best? It Is For Us!

I had a hard time with breast feeding to start off with. My Colostrum didn’t come in until 3 day PP & my milk took 4 days…

When Hayden was born he was placed on my chest for less then 3 mins because they had to make sure everything was OK with his breathing wise because of the meconium. So I didn’t get the skin to skin like I really wanted. Our first night together was a heart breaker for me… I tired my VERY best to feed him from my breast & even had a midwife come in and help me… 

Her help may have been half hearted but at least she showed me the main points which needed to be done. It got to a point where Hayden being one of the most quiet newborns 

I have ever meet to him crying & seeing tears – I thought great… I have already failed as a mother!

It got to the point where they had to test his Glucose levels twice. The second time they could tell he hadn’t received any intake & the midwife suggested formula which I feed him.

She then suggested that I feed him via cup rather then bottle if I wanted to try breastfeed him at a later date. That is what I continued to do with the help of the ‘nice’ midwifed helping him to latch on every so often… Even though there was nothing coming out.

Being cup fed by daddy – While I was re-admitted to hospital

I felt a lot more relaxed knowing that he was getting something to eat, even though it wasn’t from me at least it was something. I felt so sad for my poor baby.
While in the hospital we used our Tommee Tippee bottles & feed him SMA First Infant Milk – from birth onwards

Once discharged from hospital I continued to try & feed him breast but he would get VERY frustrated because they was so little coming out so we continued to fed him formula… On the 4th day once my milk had come in my boobs were starting to get engorged so I started having to express my milk using my Tommee Tippee Electric Pump

It was a life saver because my breast were becoming so full & painful… Rock solid sometimes. I would manage to express 2oz at the most from each breast.
By the 4th day PP he was latching on so well with the help of my mum – I was so grateful & chuffed to actually be able to breastfeed my baby & have that extra special bond with him.

Unfortunately that was the same day I was admitted back into hospital with the Bladder Retention, Infection & High Blood Pressure. It was back to Pumping & Bottle feeding.

Being Bottle fed by daddy. Sent to me Sunday night while in Hospital

I was so worried that Hayden would forget how to latch on once I was out or he would get used to the tit of the bottle & not like my breast… or something along them lines. I went in on Saturday & was out on Monday. As soon as I got home I just wanted to see my son, give him a HUGE hug & feed him.

I can honestly say I love breastfeeding whether it be during the day, at night, out shopping or at home with family round.
It beats having to go down into the kitchen in the middle of the night to make a bottle. I’m not having to constantly sterilise bottles. My midwife has told me that to produce milk, my body burns about 500 calories a day, beats having to go to the gym that’s for sure and i feel a lovely close bond with my son that no-one else can give to him.

My Pros & Cons on breastfeeding

Not having to spend a penny on feeding my little cutie
Not having to go to the gym just yet
No late night rummaging in the kitchen to make a bottle
Not too much winding after a feed
No AF (Period, just yet)
Natural nutrients
Antibodies to fight bacteria 
Sleeping during a feed in bed
Bigger Boobies

Frustration with learning how to get baby to latch on

Hayden is up every 3 hours during the day for a feed
Awake every 2 hours at night for a feed
Wanting to sleep at night
Finding somewhere discreet to feed when out
Sore, cracked nipples
Runny poo nappies
Having to watch what you eat & drink (like during pregnancy)

Breast feeding is not for everyone but it is for us.

Update: We have found out that Hayden has a dairy allergy!

Lotte xo 
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  1. Awww you had such a rough few days, I’m sure ur so happy that you stuck with it… I honestly find breastfeeding painful (it’s getting better), unconfortable (dippy boobs and just random pains during the day..) and inconvenient…(less sleep and less daddy can do to help mummy with midnight feedings) but I wouldn’t do it any other way. Just knowing I’m doing what’s best for my son is reason enough for persevering..