4 Days Postpartum – Back in the Hospital

Back in hospital on the 4th day after giving birth & 2 days of being out of that dreaded place.
I thought I was recovering pretty well after a really long labour, traumatic delivery & only a first degree tear with a few stitches.

I didn’t have any rest between giving birth & going back into hospital. The day I gave birth I had visitors in the hospital, the day after I had visitors & the day I left I had visitors at home… It was also my birthday that Thursday.

I have to admit the first night I came home … The night of my birthday I felt like shit! By the end of the night my legs felt really heavy & numb and my lower back was killing me. Getting in & out of bed was a nightmare so my other half practically took care of Hayden all by himself.
By Friday it was only my lady bits that were sore & I had swollen legs, my ankles were completely gone.
The night time was a bit of a struggle again & my fella did his best to help out as much a possible with me & Hayden.

Saturday morning I felt slightly better. Had family round at about 3PM but I was feeling sleepy so I excused myself & went upstairs to sleep. Only napped for about an hour & work up feeling groggy like I was getting sick & a bit of a cough. Went downstairs & had a snack & though let me pump while it’s quite & I have some time to myself as Hayden was sleeping downstairs with his daddy.
Started pumping & all of a sudden I started feeling a pulse like sensation in the back on my neck… I though maybe I was sitting wrong in the bed. So I adjusted myself & continued to pump but the pain didn’t subside… Not even a little bit. Another 2mins went past & the pain had then moved to my head – felt like a REALLY bad headache.

I took 2 paracetamols & stopped pumping. I waited about 10mins for the meds to kick in but it didn’t seem to ease off… Not even a little bit.

By this time the pain was unbearable. My head was throbbing – felt like at any moment it would explode. My legs & feet were swollen and extremely heavy.
I called my mum to let her know. She put some Alcalado on a bandanna and place it at the back on my neck & one on my forehead but it wasn’t working at this stage I was in tears … I’m talking big boy tears – I was scared for my life. It was a BIG panic.
With me practically at my wits end & my mum not knowing what to do she called up my fella to see if he could console me… no chance.

I had to start thinking… What the heck is going on? How can I stop this intense pain…
I knew that it wasn’t going away by itself & it was getting stronger & more intense.
My fella had been on the ball & said he was calling the ambulance. At this point my legs felt so heavy. I could barely move my body … I couldn’t even change my clothes.
So my boyfriend called the ambulance & got an automated system saying not to move me & of the situation gets worse then call back but someone will be in contact soon.
F**K THAT!! What utter B***S**T!!

My mum & dad helped me down the stairs & a cab was called. Waited about 4mins for the cab. Then the ambulance man called saying sorry we had to wait bla bla bla so my mum said “Oh forget it we are taking a cab because by the time you get her she will be in serious trouble, goodbye”.
That cab journey was the LONGEST car journey ever… & do believe West Ham were playing so the roads were chockablock.
Finally reached the Hospital by about 6:30 and I was still crying my eyeballs out & feeling like my head was about to explode at any second.
Got to A&E and the woman gave me the paper work & we waited.
My mum actually left me went over to Labour Ward and asked them if I was actually meant to be in that department and they said no A&E was were I was meant to be.
I sat in A&E for TWO BLASTED HOURS crying my eyes out & thinking I was about to die before someone had seen to me.

The nurse took my blood pressure & was in totally shock – she said no wonder your in so much pain … My BP was <****>

Got rushed to the maternity department because I had only given birth 4 days ago & anything under 10 days gets reverted back to them.


I then had to explain everything again to that department then waited to be seen by the midwife which took another hour. She could see that I was in serious pain and tried to page the Dr… of course she wasn’t getting any response which then took another half hour before anything else was done.

In my mind this all felt like hours & hours! I couldn’t understand how I was in a hospital where someone was meant to be helping me but no one was. I was begging for someone to help me and all I got was a wet towel to put on my head.

The midwife still couldn’t get hold of the Dr but they continued to take my BP and then took me up to HDU – Observation Unit … About 10 mins later 4 Drs came all at once – She asked me a whole load of questions and all I could say to her was “Please give me some drugs to help with the pain, it hurts so much” She looked at me with a blank stare and said you need to clam down & tell me everything (Protocol) I used all the strength I had in me to completely go inside myself & relax to explain to them what had happened.

I was given medication to calm me down, codeine for the pain & blood pressure meds all via IV Drip.
The diagnosis was I had Bladder Retention, an Infection & High Blood Pressure … My asthma started playing up while I was in there so I was given a mask with meds to help me breath.
Thinking about it all now – 5 Weeks on it was all a blur but so very, very scary.

That was an experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. No one should have to go through what I did…

Lotte xo 
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One comment

  1. How awful! You must have been so scared and what an awful hospital for not listening to your mother in the first place, that was two hours of waiting that was in vain.
    grr I’m actually angry on your behalf, I hope you’re 100% better now?