Part 4 My Labour Story Monday 9th April 2012

Monday 9thApril 2012

Phoned the midwife again at 6AM contractions were strong & went down to 4min. She advised me to come in & get checked. So I put on the nearest close I could find, woke up my mum & dad and told them I’m heading off to the hospital with my boyfriend… if they were to keep me mum can make her way with Hayden’s stuff.

My last Baby Bump photos at 41weeks + 3days

The midwife checked me & I was only 1cm – She told me to go home ride out the pain.
Take two Paracetamols & have a bath… They couldn’t admit me until I’m at 4cm.
If my waters break or I notice less fetal moment then come back in straight away.
Got back home for about 8AM.
My boyfriend ran me a bath and I jumped in… It helped a little bit but not very much. I phoned the midwife to see if I could get my induction moved forward so I didn’t have to put up with the pain. But that was an epic fail.
I told her the Paracetamol wasn’t working & she said it wouldn’t –  Paracetamol would not touch the labour pain… What fantastic news!
After my bath I and tried to sleep when I didn’t have a contraction but as soon as the wave started it would wake me up then my fella would rub my back then go back to sleep.
2:40PM I had a huge contraction & a felt a pop. Water then came out all over the bed.
Between 2:40PM – 3:06PM I had 4big gushes of water!
Watsapp msg to Kym & Kirst: 09/04/2012 02:53:52 PM:Charlotte : FML my waters just broke – don’t announce anything on twitter just yet. Getting ready to go to the hospital will confirm in about an hour  xx

Went to the bathroom for a pee and realised more was coming out. Took a shower & had a major contraction… OUCH!!
Got my boyfriend to tell my mum who was in the kitchen then we started getting ready to head to the hospital.
Called the cab & made our way.
Got to the hospital & told the MAU that I had been there earlier. My waters had just broken so I was told to do a urine sample. Did that then told her that my waters was green (Hayden had poo’d in me) – This meant that my labour was no longer straight forward & that they would need to monitor him throughout the labour & delivery.
There was a risk of him breathing in the poo’d waters (Meconium) & it getting onto his lungs! Which is VERY dangerous. It’s a pretty common thing with overdue babies.
I got seen before 4 other ladies in the waiting room. By this time I was in excruciating pain. I was holding back my tears my fella hates it when I cry. He was rubbing my feet, legs … hes poor little face! I felt bad he had to see me like that. My mum waited in the waiting room because I could only have one person in with me in MAU, its a pretty small area
They then checked me but I was only dilated to 2cm… 2 bloody cm I couldn’t believe it, but they had to admit me because my waters broke & there was the Meconium.
They tried to place the cannula in my right hand but the veins were rubbish, then tired my left. They took my bloods
My boyfriend couldn’t bare me asking for god to help me he asked the midwife for some Gas & Air for me… 
I think at this point, I realised that I completely deluded myself… I can honestly say I didn’t expect the pain to be so intense. Natural Birth my ass! From this point on I knew that my birth plan was out the window.

I remember at one point having the gas & air and shouting at the top of my lungs because the pain was so bad! All I wanted was for it to go away, so I constantly asked god to help me.
Eventually it was time to take me up to labour ward. So I got wheeled off in a chair. I was struggling without the gas & air I could barely even breath.
Got to my room & it was pretty nice. Bed, two chair, table, TV – the hand over from MAU midwife to labour ward midwife was made then my new midwife said she didn’t like the room we was in and that we should move to another.
At the point my legs went weak & I thought are you kidding me?! But with the help of my mum I made it to the next room which was much bigger & better.
From here on it was all a big blur!
I remember the Gas & Air wasn’t helping me very much – So I asked for some pethidine got a shot in my right thigh and that lasted for a little while… I felt calm & in much less pain. 
I was able to have a lovely chat with the Midwife & catch some Zzz 

Keep an eye out for Part 5 … Coming shortly!

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