Part 3 – My Labour Story Sunday 8th April 2012

Sunday 8th April 2012

The contractions came back again at about 5am… Joy! Right in the middle of my sleep. I wasn’t best pleased.

Went to the toilet & got really excited … I was starting to lose my mucus plug WOOHOO! I know what I weirdo. But I knew this meant progress.

At this point I was more then tired, I mean I was shattered. Getting in & out of bed was a hassle and I was so miserable

With every contraction came a shout into my pillow… Then back to sleep… I woke up every 6-12 mins with contractions. I felt like I was just there in mind but my body was out cold.

I managed to get some sleep but not very much – I & my fella worked out a routine. Made me extremely happy.

Spent Easter with my family but having painful contractions all through dinner, which was so nice. I couldn’t even enjoy.  Whenever I would get a contraction I would have to leave the table & wiggle my hips to feel any type of relief.

By night fall I was seriously contemplating weither or not I would rather have contactions or being chased by a shit load of Zombies … to my suprise I actually picked Zombies – Thats saying A LOT if you know me.

Keep an eye out for Part 4 … Coming shortly!

Lotte xo 
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