Product Review: Lurpak Garlic Butter

I’m in LOVE with this butter….
Ahhh, Butter I hear you say…

That’s right … Garlic Butter
Lurpak has out done themself with this one.

One of my latest cravings has been for Garlic so I have mainly been sprinkling Garlic salt on my dinner or having oven Garlic bread with my meals or as snacks.

My mum went shopping on the way home from the Airport & one of the products she brought was the Garlic Butter … I admit I automatically turned my nose up to it, like I do with anything I haven’t had before but I took a bite of her Ham Sandwich with the spread & felt like I was in heaven.

The flavour isn’t too strong nor is the smell over bearing. Depending on how strong you want it the more butter you can put on.

•Grab two slices of bread
•Toast them in the toaster or under the Grill
•Get your Lurpak Garlic Butter
•Spread on toasted bread while still hot… Easier to spread that way
•Take a seat & enjoy your home made Garlic bread


You might as well make yourself a lovely cup of tea while you’re waiting for the bread to toast.


Lotte xo 
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  1. Great idea! I have seen this in the shops and wasn’t sure how I could use it – I as thinking about melting it over prawns!

  2. I absolutely love Lurpak but have not tried the garlic butter. My little one loves garlic bread but hates butter when she can see it!

  3. I love garlic butter, I had no idea you could buy it like this.

  4. I’ve never tried this, but it sounds delicious, think I’m going to have to buy some now!

  5. Sounds Delicious – will neer have to go without when my larder is empty of Garlic!!

  6. we had this last week – brilliant and you can easily make some garlic bread or garlic toast – yummy

  7. I make my own by mixing chopped garlic and butter in a bowl then I put it on chunks of fresh bread and put it in foil in the oven. It’s the best try it mmmmmm 🙂

  8. I love garlic butter on warm freshly baked bread.

  9. Oooo I haven’t tried it on Mash… I will do now 😀 x

  10. I LOVE this butter,it goes with my mash perfectly.

  11. This is lovely!