Product Review – Baby Bump Massage & Bathing Oils

New Mum Pre-Birth

I recently went to The Baby Show & this is one of the products I picked up.
From a company called Natroma – Professional Aromatherapy at £5.99 for 50ml
It’s a Luxury Aromatherapy Massage & Bathing Oil to support preparation for birth.
It was being shown at the Mamma Dadda Bubba stand.

Calendula oils
Evening Primrose extracts
Vitamin E &
Pure Essential Oils

After a long outing at the biggest baby event, I knew for a fact the next day my WHOLE body would be aching. Came home ran a nice warm bath and added a few drops of the New Mum Pre-Birth Oil into the water… The smell was divine & not over powering.
I was slightly worried because I have very sensitive skin but I still went ahead as all ingredients were natural. Had a little soak, not too long as I was a danger to myself being tired, so as soon as I started to feel relaxed and sleepy I came out.
I felt lovely. My skin was smooth & silky and I was ready for bed.

To my amazement I had a really good night’s sleep. I usually have to wake up at least once to potty but I slept right though & woke up with no achy hips & no sore back. I was extremely impressed.

I have only used the product once, but I am pretty sure it will do the same thing for me the next time I use it.

Caution: Only use in the last few weeks of normal pregnancy.
Suitable for use during normal pregnancies

Until next time… Charlotte x
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  1. What a great product,thanks for sharing..I am considering purchasing.

  2. Great review thanks

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