Lillipops – IcePops To Help With Heartburn Review

Through my pregnancy I have suffered from really bad Heartburn & Acid Reflux at night (Yuck)
I have been living off Ice & flavoured Ice Poles.
I even went and ordered a home Slush machine (Yummmm)

At times I have suffered really bad & not even been able to sleep, even the gaverson hasn’t worked for me.
I seriously wish I had come across Lillipops from early on in pregnancy.
In these later stages they have helped me soooo much & they have 5 really nice unique flavours to choose from:

Lime & VanillaEnergising
Camomile & OrangeCalming
Lemon & MintRevitalising
Grapefruit & TangerineRefreshing

Front of Box
Back of Box

I had never heard of them before… until The Baby Show… I had to have a sample (Revitalising Lemon & Mint) & so did my 12 month old God Son. We both loved it & I got three packets. 2 for me 1 for him & his mummy.
So glad I did… I just sit at home on the sofa & munch on them as & when I want & need them.

I have noticed that they do go soft pretty quick which I LOVE… I so leave them for a little bit to go a bit soft then I can eat them without having to bite them (Sensitive teeth)

Have a look on their website you won’t be disappointed.
Website link

While on their website I came across a well-known UK Youtube Vlogger & her Vlog post on them.
Check her out!

Uploaded by on 10 May 2011

So if you suffer from Morning Sickness, Low Energy or even Heartburn these could possibly help you.
If not, you can still just enjoy the lovely new mix of flavours (FUNNN)

Lotte xo 
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  1. Hi, they sound delicious! Especially the ginger. Or the Grapefruit and tangerine. Or… Ok, they’re probably ALL lovely. Where can you buy them or do they have to be ordered? (Probably an obvious question.)

    I really hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well – milk/yogurts and sleeping upright can all help with heartburn, but the fabulous thing is that though I had heartburn right through – even in labour – it stops as soon as the baby is born.

    I’m stopping by because Mummy’s Cheeky Monkey highlighted you in her Follow a Newbie Friday ( post here:

    • Hi hun, Grapefruit & Tangerine is LUSH lol – I got them when i went to the show but if you check out their site from the link in the post is says they sell them at the Pharmacy… I think you are able to check which Pharmacy near you sells them =]
      I would love to try Milk & Yogurt but I cant have dairy produts like that =[ Otherwise I would drink Milk nonstop loooool

      Thank you for stopping by I will defo be checking out your blog too.. Really appricatite it =] xxxx

  2. Just found out about these recently, I think they’re a wonderful idea!

  3. These ice pops are deeelish!

  4. Thanks for telling me about these!

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