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I can’t believe I have actually hit the 1000 mark on one of my video blogs!

Vlogging Mama

 To a lot of you this may be nothing, especially when there are millions of other Youtubers out there who have thousands upon millions of views but to me this is just amazing…

Little Ol’ Me
Thank you guys for making me feel so special & I’m glad I can keep you entertained somehow & keep you locked in.
The funny thing is I was feeling so poorly in that video & I’m like coughing and splutting everywhere – How attractive lol
I only started Vlogging late 2011 & I was shyte scared but I’m mega glad I did now. Sharing my pregnancy journey with you guys has been amazing… Can’t wait for the beyond.
Defiantly going to be loads of fun & giggles.
My other videos are not doing too badly either…
Vlogging Mama

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Vlogging Mama
Can’t wait to share more with you guys! Keep watching…
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Until Next Time… Charlotte x
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