Pregnancy Survey

Pregnancy Survey

Pregnancy Survey
Here’s a fun Pregnancy survey for you lovely ladies to take part in. 
How did you find out you were pregnant?:
Took a Clearblue & First Response 2 days before I was due. At 12DPO
What were your first symptoms?:
Extreme fatigue, Sore Boobies, Headaches, Very Moody & Starving
Who did you tell first?:
My fella & My TTC buddy Dolly-Donna
Who was with you when you found out?:
I was on my own, one of my BFF wasn’t at work that day!
Was baby planned?:
Yes, We were trying for a while.
How far were you when you found out?:
3/4 weeks I’m unsure now since my EDD has changed
What was your reaction?:
Mega excited.
What was the baby’s father’s reaction?:
I’m pretty sure even more happier then me!
What was the parent’s reactions?:
Over the Moon
Due date:
By scan 30th March 2012. By dates 05th April 2012
If so, boy or girl?:
Not sure yet I think boy, other half thinks girl
Any names?:
We have names but not revealing them yet =]
Have you heard the heartbeat?:
I have yes, before my scan lol I got an Angel Sounds Doppler. It was pretty magical.
Baby ancestral types?:
Errrm, Barbados, St Lucia, France, Native American & Congolese
Who do you think baby will look like?:
I have no idea. Hopefully both of us equal
Will baby have any siblings?:
Not just yet, but I’m pretty sure in the future
Have you and dad felt baby move?:
Not yet, hopefully soon
Who will be in the delivery room?:
If baby comes on time, Mum, Other half & Sister
Will you use medication?:
I think so, I haven’t read up on it yet but there is a high possibility
Are you scared about labor?:
A little bit, hasn’t really sunk it yet lol
How will you react when you see baby?:
I will be over the moon, I’m pretty sure I will cry lol
Did you have morning sickness?:
Nope I’ve thrown up twice that’s it. I am clearly one of the lucky ones
Anything – Mainly pickley stuff
Did you have any mood swings?:
If you mean more then usual then yes o_O
Formula or breastfeeding?:
Breastfeeding – Breast is best =D
When did you start to show?:
12 weeks but a lot of it is being bloated
Are you excited?:
Who will help with baby after their born?:
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?:
Knowing that me & my other half have created a little person that’s growing inside of me lol
What is the worst thing about being pregnant?:
Being starving all the time
What one thing do you miss doing since being pregnant?:
Zumba on the Wii
Any days you wish you weren’t pregnant?:
Are you ready for baby?
I believe so
How many kids do you want?:
Maybe 4, but who really knows.
Do you talk to your baby?:
Quite a bit, when the other half does it… its hilarious!!
Do you still feel attractive?:
Yes (My dad tells me how beautiful I look everyday)
Have you had your baby shower yet?:
Not yet, maybe two months before – Should be really fun!!
How many pregnant women do you know?:
A whole load but no one that is actually near me =[
How far along are you now?:
13 weeks 1 day
Until Next Time… Charlotte x
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