Nursery Ideas

Nursery Idea… What Nursery?

Nursery Idea
How cute is this?

I have always wanted to decorate a nursery… How much fun would that be?!?! Kinda like decorating my room but not for me!

We will not be doing this… Just yet!! 

We currently live in a 3 bedroom house with my folks. We have a spear-room but we have decided to put Hayden in with us then maybe a little while down the line he can then venture off onto his own – in his own Big Boy room.
We had his cot put up a little while back by his Daddy… It was so much fun to watch! I tried to help but he wouldn’t let me. He’s such a show off!

Nursery Idea - Room DIY
Nursery Idea - Room DIYNursery Idea - Room DIY
Nursery Idea - Room DIY
The end result – Yay Daddy!!
Nursery Idea - Room DIY
Hayden has his own little section of our room where we have placed his Cot.
This is what we are dealing with at the moment:

Nursery Ideas
We have been browsing online for Nursery’s ideas but nothing is set in concrete at the moment.
We have come to the conclusion on waiting until we find out what kind of personality little Hayden has… we can already tell he’s going to be a little show off… He knows when Mummy’s on camera or with people because he acts up something awful in my tummy. Kicking & Punching… I think he’s saying “Hey guys, look at me”. We want to be able to say… “OMG that is so Hayden” especially when it comes to buying things for him e.g. Clothes, Shoes, Toys etc.
I do that to my Boyfriend all the time… “OMG that is so you babe!”
 Our favorite as of right now
Nursery Idea
I’ve fallen in love with Pinterest… It’s helped me out a lot with deciding on what’s what… and not scrolling through endless imagines on Google!
Below are some of the other nursery ideas we like. Pretty grown up but still cute.
We love Greens for babies!!
Nursery Idea
Nursery Idea
Nursery Idea 
Nursery Idea
Until Next Time… Charlotte xo 
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