My Pregnancy Birth Plan

I know they say 99% of the time your birth plan will fail, but just be on the safe side & have something prepared!
Here’s my plan – I have also done a Vlog on it… You can follow along if you wish. Video is at the bottom of this page.

✔ I would like my Patner: Rovi & Mother: Veronica
✔ I would like my partner to stay with me at all times
✔ I would like to allow other family members or children to visit me in the hospital afterwards
✔ I don’t mind students or other hospital staff in the room

✔ I prefer intermittent rather than continuous fetal monitoring, if possible (For the water birth)

Photos & Video
✔ I would like to take still photos during labor and birth
✔ I would like to record a video of my labor and birth

Anesthesia/Pain Relief
✔ Birthing pool
✔ Relaxing Music & Breathing
✔ Please do not offer pain medication. I will ask for pain medication if & when I need it.
✔ If possible, I would prefer to use entonox pain relief instead of an epidural.

Circumcision & Forceps
✔ I would like to have my baby circumcised before I leave the hospital if possible.
✔ I would like my partner present during the circumcision.
✔ I would not like forceps used unless absolutely necessary 

Tearing & Episiotomy
✔ I would like to avoid an episiotomy as much as possible but if need be I would have it done
✔ I would like to deliver in a position that helps avoid a tear
✔ I would like coaching on when and when not to push to help avoid tearing

✔ I want to be free to move or walk around
✔ I would like to drink clear fluids instead of being hydrated through an IV
✔ I want to be free to eat

✔ I do not want the amniotic membrane broken unless absolutely required
✔ I would like to try natural methods of movement/position before using Pitocin
✔ I would like to use heat packs or warm compresses

✔ I would like to avoid a c-section, unless absolutely necessary
✔ I would like to be part of the decision process
✔ I would like a second opinion from another physician if time permits
✔ I would like my partner in the room if c-section is necessary
✔ I would like the baby given to my partner soon after delivery, if possible

✔ I would like to touch the baby’s head during crowning
✔ I would like to be coached on when and when not to push

Delivery Aids
✔ I’d like to use a birthing pool
✔ I’d like to use a labor ball

Delivery Positions
✔ I would like to try a squatting position
✔ I would like to try a hands and knees or all-fours position
✔ I would like to try leaning over the birthday pool

Soon After Delivery
✔ I would like the baby placed on my chest/in my arms soon after delivery
✔ I would prefer to urinate on my own instead of using a catheter
✔ I would like to be given Pitocin to help deliver the placenta

Umbilical Cord
✔ I would like my partner to cut the umbilical cord
✔ I would like to allow time for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is cut so the baby gets all remaining cord blood
✔ I would like to donate the cord blood if possible

✔ I prefer a private room
✔ I do not want to be separated from my baby during newborn procedures (when possible)
✔ I want my partner to be with the baby if I cannot be there
✔ I would like a cot for my room

Breastfeeding & Baby
✔ I plan to breastfeed the baby exclusively
✔ I would like more information about breastfeeding
✔ I would like to meet with a lactation consultant while at the hospital
✔ I would like to begin nursing soon after birth
✔ I do not want my baby to be given formula unless absolutely necessary 
✔ I would like my baby to receive his Vitamin K in the hospital

✔ I would like to be shown how to bath baby before I leave the hospital

Lotte xo 
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