Hayden 12 Weeks

Welcome little Munchkin – 12 Week Pregnancy Scan

12 Week Pregnancy Scan
[Posted back in September 2011 on Tumblr]

I would like to welcome my 12 Week Pregnancy Scan introducing our 12 week & 5 days old little Munchkin onto my blog to say ‘Hello’.
My other half & I are over the moon after quite a few months of trying…
So glad that it’s now out in the open as my work mates were getting very suspect lol…
Until today I thought my EDD was 05/04/2012 but it has now changed to 30/03/2012 – I still have my Aries baby … I’m so chuffed lol But of course we know babies will come when ever they want.

For now my little one is called Munchkin. A naughty Munchkin at that… wouldn’t keep still for the scan!! doing all kinds of back flips lol made me giggle so much which also didn’t help. Had my other half going “Wow” lol bless him lol

My Hospital only gave me 1 picture so I was a little upset about that, in 8 weeks time I get to find out the sex.. Team Blue or Team Pink YAY!!
Maybe in a few weeks time get some more done privately.

Hope you enjoy our journey!!

Until Next Time… Charlotte x
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  1. Congrats on wk 12! Hope your pregnancy continues to go well.

    • Thank you very much Shannon, Sorry it took me so long to reply, getting use to this lol – Pregnancy is going pretty good thank you! Your Children are so beautiful. Take care =] x

  2. Congratulations. Hope all goes well.

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  4. Aw I loved this post, the first time of meeting Hayden, though you still didnt know if he was pink or blue x